In online marketing, less is more


With the advent of today’s technology and its speeding advancement, emails are sent by the bulk. This results to filling-up of inbox messages so fast that people resort to applications that scan emails for them before they read it themselves, saving them so much time rather than checking each and every one. This presents a problem for companies that use bulk emailing to communicate with their customers. To surpass this obstacle, here are a few things to bear in mind:

  1. Be you. Identify your business and make sure that your subject line encapsulates the content of the entire email. Make sure that the customers see who it’s from by using the company’s name rather than the personal email of an employee. People are more likely to open emails that have their trusted business’s name.
  2. Capture. Knowing that you only have a few inches of space to catch the receiver’s attention, utilize it by hiding details such as contact and administrative information. Have the title and slogan of any promotional product be seen. Let them be the ones to entice the customer into reading more of the email.
  3. Text. Do not embellish your email with so much graphics and effects. Remember that many customers read their emails on the go through their handheld devices. Make sure that when stripped down to its most basic form, which is the text, your email is worth opening and reading.
  4. Communicate. Don’t let the pictures do all the talking. Keep your email personal, comprehensible, and comprehensive by adding text that explains the details of whatever you are promoting.
  5. Bull’s eye. Don’t add too much drama in the writing of your email’s content. Keep it short and simple so that readers would not stop reading halfway through because of boredom. Make sure that you get straight to the point while keeping them hooked until the end.

The point of emails that reach out to the customers is to make sure that they do not discard any information you happen to send to them. It keeps your business thriving in the world of online marketing, where less is more.


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