What we do:

First TLD Media LLC does a comprehensive study on your market as seen from the eyes of Your Clients.

Then we put together a Market Report on your ideal customer.

  • First we do an Industry analysis on your business.
  • Then we run an Internet market analysis on your site.
  • Next we look at the competition and see what Keywords they are using for advertising.
  • Then we look at the top referrers to those sites ( your Competitors)
  • Then we add our “secret sauce” OUR trade secret.
  • Then we look at your Company’s web Page to ensure it is using the latest in XHTML Identification.
  • Next we look at your Current Advertising and see what is your CPL, Cost per Lead?
  • Next we explain what all this data means.
  • Then We Start Custom Tailoring your new Marketing Strategy to achieve your End Goals.
We then have Different services to choose from depending on your company’s needs.
So your First Visit with us should be set up with an hour of your time available. And I Do Mean Available. So if you are a local business within 30 min away from downtown Manchester NH then We can set a time to meet with you when it’s most convenient.
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